Exchange Club Covenant of Service (A reminder to all…)

Accepting the divine privilege of single and collective responsibility as life’s noblest gift, I covenant with my fellow Exchangites:

To consecrate my best energies to the uplifting of Social, Religious, Political, and Business ideals

To discharge the debt I owe to those of high and low estate who have served and sacrificed that the heritage of American citizenship might be mine;

To honor and respect law, to serve my fellowmen, and to uphold the ideals and institutions of my Country;

To implant the life-giving, society-building spirit of Service and comradeship in my social and business relationships;

To serve in Unity with those seeking better conditions, better understanding, and greater opportunities for all.

2015 Field of Honor September 10th through the 13th

Give a Kid a Flag

The Butte Exchange Club will host the 2015 Field of Honor where you will behold a beautiful display of 1000 U.S. Flags with the Highland Mountains and the Belmont Mine Headframe as a backdrop. These 3’x5’ flags will stand 8’ tall in perfect rows from during the summer of 2015 from September 10 to September 13.

Sponsor a flag in honor or memory of your hero!  Make a donation to sponsor or buy a flag. Each flag will be tagged with the name of the donor and honoree.  After the event you may keep your tags or if you purchased the flag you make keep the tag and flag.  You may select which of several non-profit organizations receives your donation.  Click on the button to the right to download an order form.

Volunteers of all abilities are needed to set up and take down the flags and assist visitors at the Field of Honor. See additional information below.

Benefiting Local Non-Profits

The net proceeds of the 2015 Field of Honor benefit these local non-profit organizations:

  • Butte Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Butte Child Evaluation Center
  • Butte Family Drug Court/Butte Cares
  • Butte Family YMCA
  • Butte Rescue Mission
  • Butte United Veterans Council
  • Shriners Hospital for Children

For more details and information, please go to our website at:

These organizations are aligned with the Butte Exchange Club’s mission to promote Americanism and support the National Exchange Club project, Prevention of Child Abuse.

(Information taken from the Butte Exchange Club Website)



  • September 1st                  – Phylis Costello – Executive Director of Butte Cares
  • September 8th                   – Dr. Bozeman – New Saint James Hospital OB Dr..
  • September 15th                         – Conor Smith – Future of IT in Montana 


September 8th –                    Volunteer Organizational Meeting for Field of Honor

Community Center, Marquis Assisted Living, 300 Mt. Highland Dr.  Volunteers are needed for the 2015 Field of Honor to set up flags and assist visitors at the Field throughout the event.  This meeting will provide volunteers an opportunity to learn about the different jobs available and to sign of far a time that works with their schedule.

September 10th –                    Flag Set Up

Thursday, September 10th starting at 8:00 a.m.  Volunteers are needed for several hours.

 September 10th –                      Opening Ceremony

Thursday, September 10th at 5:15 p.m.  All are welcome, and the event is free.  Lauren Kippen, Butte Exchange Club President and Co-Chair of this event, has planned an extraordinary Opening Ceremony.  Our Keynote Speaker is a retired fire fighter who was working the day of September 11th at the World Trade Center.  This ceremony will honor the victims of the 9/11 tragedy as well as Montana’s first responders who have died in the line of duty since then.

 September 10th –                       Field of Honor

Weekend of September 11th.  Please see Field of Honor Page on our website for additional details.

 October 30th –                             Annual Fundraiser

Much more to come.  Get your costumes ready!


(Reprinted from July Bulletin for your information)

The Field of Honor Website is now updated and fully functional. This year volunteers may register online; the volunteer will receive a confirming message.  People will NOT be able to purchase flag sponsorships or flags on-line, however the website allows them to print a form which can be mailed in.  Please take a look at the website as there is lots of great information about this important event  Don’t forget to volunteer.  Volunteers of all types are needed especially for the set up on Thursday, September 10th starting at 8:00 a.m. and for take down on Sunday, September 13th starting at 2:00 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering for the main event, we need volunteers throughout the weekend. We would like to encourage all Club Members to volunteer your time.

This year the 2015 Field of Honor will include a remembrance of the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  Special 3 ft x 5 ft flags will be on display and available for sale at the Field Honor. These flags have been created with the sincerest intentions of honoring the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The goal of these flags is to immortalize each individual victim, to give comfort to the families left behind by knowing that their loved ones will be forever honored and remembered and to create an enduring symbol, recognized by the world, of the human sacrifice that occurred on that day in 2001.

(Thank you to Brad Cederberg and Elyse Lewis for the above information)


Highway Cleanup

Highway Cleanup 1

Exchange Club Members Barry Kippen, Jane Baker and Bob Brooks

The smoky conditions could not deter a group of determined Exchangites from their mission to clean up a portion of Highway I-15 near the Buxton exit. The highway clean-up has been an Exchange Club community service for many years. Chair-persons Bob Brooks and Jane Baker organized about 12 club members for this project.

Food and drinks were provided after the work was completed and a good time was had by all.

Special thank you to both Bob and Jane for their continued willingness to chair this event. Thank you also to those members who worked to clean up this stretch of I-15.

Highway Cleanup Pizza

Pizza Party after the Highway Clean-up

 (Information provided by Bob Brooks and Jane Baker.  Photo by Tom Daniel)

Philipsburg Bus Trip

Exchange Club Members and Guests on the 2015 Philipsburg Bus Trip

“Forty three members and guests endured the smoke while riding to and from the Opera House Theatre.  The “haze” even added to the ambiance of the theatre production itself.  Highlights of the evening included salads and sandwiches from Quiznos, beer from the Quarry, awesome cookies from our  by now famous cookie lady(Janet Ralph), the hilarious play, ice cream at Doe Brothers and lots of fun prizes which were donated by members and dispenced by our own “Vanna Banana”, Holly McCammant.  The bag of 43 $5 bills was won by Alana Larock and the grand prize of a Peruvian dinner for FOUR donated by Don and Lois Pedobnik was won by an elated Laura Daniel who expects to be treated especially kindly by husband Steve and others who hope to make up the foursome.  No injuries were reported and a great time was had by all. Thank you to Steve Daniel, chair for this fun event. Thank you to all club members and guests to attended the function.”

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Exchange Club Member Doug Cameron with wife Marilyn and Laura Daniels

 (Information and photos provided by Steve Daniel and Elyse Lewis)


Update and Reminder

The Communications Committee would like to remind you that we rely on committee chairmen and all club members to send us meeting announcements, stories and photos since we cannot be present at Club events. Please use your cell phones and capture some fun photos to send us.

Please send all details on upcoming events & speakers to:

If you have taken photos at Club events that you want to share, please send them (cell phone shots are OK)

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