2015 December Bulletin

Good-bye 2015 – Hello 2016

Message from National Exchange Club President, Dan McQueeney

“With Thanksgiving behind us and the magical holidays ahead, I wish each of you an especially warm season’s greeting. Please set aside some time to spend with your family and friends, enjoying each other’s company. Caroline and I are on a wonderful start to this Exchange year and look forward to kicking back and enjoying ourselves with family until the new calendar year begins, as well. I encourage you to join us by entering the New Year invigorated and ready to serve your communities with fresh ideas and recharged enthusiasm.

I know you are doing some incredible things out there and would love to showcase your club in the Exchange Today magazine. Please continue to submit those documented images of your successes. And, don’t forget to plan well ahead into July for the 2016 National Convention in Houston, TX. We will be giving away two cash awards – one to the recruiter of the year and one to the club builder of the year.” (Taken from the Winter 2016 edition of the Exchange Today magazine)



December 29th – No meeting. Happy New Year! Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

January 5th – Regular meeting. Speaker to be announced

January 12th – Linda McCulloch, Montana Secretary of State

Committee Meetings

The FunRaiser  Committee will be meeting at the Quarry every Wednesday at 5:15.  Except for the week of December 28th.  If you have auction items to donate or would like to serve on the Fundraiser Committee contact Linda Corr-Mahugh (Lmcorr@hotmail.com).


Pat Cooney and the highway cleanup crew are organizing a group to help shovel snow for Butte residents who can’t. Please contact Pat (patrick0049@charter.net) if you are interested in helping out.

The program Committee is looking for speakers. If you have an idea or topic you would like to hear about, please contact Holly McCamant at hollymccamant@yahoo.com or Doug Rotondi@djrotondi@gmail.com or any of the members of the Program Committee.


The annual fundraiser – An Evening of Wine and Roses – will be held on February 12th at the Butte Country Club. If you have auction items to donate or would like to serve on the Fundraiser Committee contact Linda Corr-Mahugh (Lmcorr@hotmail.com). 


Spirit of Christmas Shopping Trip

Joann Bracco would like to thank all who helped with our Spirit of Christmas shopping trip. A special thank you to club members, family and friends, and our Excel Club.  A big thank you to you Joann for all you do to organize this great Exchange Club project.

Christmas 2015

2015 Spirit of Christmas Shopping Trip


Christmas Message and Turkey Shoot.

Dave Andersen

2015 Christmas Message by Pastor Dave Andersen


December 22nd was our last meeting of the year. We celebrated another successful Exchange Club year with a moving message of hope provided by Pastor Dave Andersen. Dave talked about his trip to India with a group of young men and women. In this time of negativity, Dave asked us to listen to children and watch miracles happen as they interact with people of diversity. These students could not speak each other’s languages but they found a way to understand each other. Once the adults stayed out of their way, these students found a way to communicate, build trust and work out communication problems and issues. What a message of hope as we struggle to understand each other and diverse people and cultures in this time of distrust and darkness. Watching these children gives the rest of us hope that we can learn to build relationships and open the door to communication and understanding.

The Christmas Message was followed by a Turkey Shoot. A good time was had by all.


Update and Reminder

The Communications Committee would like to remind you that we rely on committee chairmen and all club members to send us meeting announcements, stories and photos since we cannot be present at Club events. Please use your cell phones and capture some fun photos to send us.

Please send all details on upcoming events & speakers to:     info@butteexchangeclub.org

If you have taken photos at Club events that you want to share, please send them to:info@butteexchangeclub.org (cell phone shots are OK)

Need help? Call: Elyse Lewis –Public Relations Chairman – 565-0801

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