August 2016 Bulletin




September 6th – Officer Steve Honer & Blue – Canine demonstration.
September 13th – Eileen Gribb – Women in the military.


The “Garbage Guys” (Highway Cleanup Committee) will be holding cleanups every Friday morning at 8:30. Meet at Perkins. If you have questions, contact Pat Cooney


• Pool Party

The first annual end of summer “Pool Party” was held at The Butte Country Club on Thursday 9/1/16.

The night began with heavy winds, rain and unseasonable coolness in the air. Kids were hesitant to get in the pool but luckily the clouds shifted, the winds slowed down and the rain ceased! Fun began! The children that came, with either their parents or grandparents, did have a fun time in the pool. There was a wonderful buffet served of brats, hot dogs, chips, salads and of course dessert! Wow and those desserts! Very yummy indeed and it was witnessed that people did eat their dessert first! For our first “End of Summer Social”, it was a good turnout and fun! Thanks to all who came. You can look forward to another fun event coming up soon!
(Article provided by Lauren Kippen)

• Philipsburg Trip

Members and friends of the Butte Exchange Club, in a mere three days, collected $550 dollars in support of the Philipsburg Opera House Theatre’s project to replace the nearly one-half century old stage lighting. The Opera House Theatre, located in downtown Philipsburg, Montana was built in 1891. The theatre is recognized as the oldest continually operating theatre in Montana!

For several years, Steve Daniel has organized a Butte Exchange Club trip to a play at the Theatre which has been an annual success. Due to the importance of the Opera House in Philipsburg, generous Butte Exchange Club members and friends believe it is important to help sustain the arts in southwest Montana.

Pictured with the check is (L-R) Steve Daniel, Bill “Dusty” Rhoads, Pat Cooney, and Jim Stilwell. The amount on the check was revised to $550 as an additional $200 was collected during the bus ride from Butte to the Opera House Theatre play on Thursday, August 25.

(Article provided by Dusty Rhoads)


• Philipsburg Trip Press Release by Elyse Lewis

Every year in late August a commercial bus travels from Butte to Philipsburg with a load of Butte Exchange Club members looking forward to an excursion to the Opera House Theater followed by ice cream at Doe Brothers. This event is eagerly awaited by the Exchange Club and the bus fills quickly. The group is always welcomed warmly by Philipsburg and many of the local businesses provide gift certificates which are drawn for on the ride back to Butte.

Last Thursday, September 25, a bus of 42 Exchange Club members and friends arrived in Philipsburg to attend a performance of “Unnecessary Farce”. In appreciation of the many years of fun memories provided by the Opera House Theater, the Butte Exchange Club donated $550 to the theater for their fund drive for new theater lights. Bill Rhoads, an Exchange Club member from Butte, presented the donation during the intermission. Steve Daniel, of Butte, who has for many years led the organization of the event, said “This bus trip to Philipsburg is one of our Club’s favorite events. The Opera House Theater and Doe Brothers really go out of the way to accommodate our group. We love Philipsburg’s hospitality, live theater and supporting great entrepreneurs who work hard every day to make a difference in their communities.”

The Butte Exchange Club’s mission is to make the community a better place to live through projects that promote pride in our country, community service, youth activities and the prevention of child abuse. One of the Club’s most visible projects is the Field of Honor display of American flags held in Butte. More information about the organization may be found at


Workspace Needed – Our Club sponsors the Excel Club at Butte High School. Those kids have done a great job of creating an active club in just one year. However, they’ve got a stumbling block that is preventing them from moving forward with a project. The Excel Club will be refurbishing computers to donate to kids who can’t afford them. The Excel Club needs a workspace/storage space for the equipment. Ideally the space would be close to the High School and should be about 30’x30’ft. I’m sure insurance and liability issues can be worked out. Do you know of a potential location for this worthy project? Contact Lyza Schnabel ( if you can help.

• If you have any ideas for speakers at our weekly meetings, please contact Holly McCamant ( or Doug Rotondi (

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(Information provided by Brad Cederberg)


Update and Reminder

The Communications Committee would like to remind you that we rely on committee chairmen and all club members to send us meeting announcements, stories and photos since we cannot be present at Club events. Please use your cell phones and capture some fun photos to send us.
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