2017 June/July Bulletin

Thank you to outgoing officers:

Thank you outgoing Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee Chairs for 2016/2017 year.

The words “Thank You”  are somehow never enough to convey how much the Butte Exchange Club members appreciate your service, guidance and leadership this past year.  2016/2017 was a year of fun times, hard work, growth and development for our club.  We are one of the few clubs in the Butte area continuing to grow and strengthen.  It is such a tribute to our officers, board, committees and members in general.

Special thank you to Linda Corr-Mahugh.  Being President is a demanding job.  You worked so hard, kept us all on track and encouraged participation from all.  2017 was an outstanding year for Exchange.  You and your team of officers are wonderful leaders and we appreciate you all for what you did for our club and community this last year.

Thank you for a very special year.  We appreciate your dedication to the club and to our community.  It was fun and rewarding and we look forward to another great year as we say thank you to our outgoing officers, board members and committee chairs and congratulations to our new officers, board and committee chairpersons.

The Butte Exchange Club is a special group.  We have fun; we work hard; we enjoy our unique chemistry and diversity. Here’s to all of us. Let’s get ready for another exciting year.

Letter from our new President, “ Doug Rotondi

Greetings to all my fellow Exchange Club Members;

First and foremost, I wish to thank my fellow Exchangeites for your dedication to our great Club.  It is an extreme honor and privilege to serve as your President for 2017/18.

I have some important goals for my term which will require as much participation and time as you can afford to give to our Club and our missions.

I truly love our Club’s mission and the support our membership gives to the Club and community.  I firmly believe that we are the best organized and active Service Club in our area.  We have done some amazing projects and have given tens of thousands of dollars to Butte to help those who truly need our help.

The goals I have set forth are as follows:

1). Get a committee organized no later than November 30th for what has become an important part or our identity, The Field of Honor.  As many of you are aware, this is what got me involved in our Club’s activities soon after I joined.  This is such a special event for our community and we partner with other service clubs in our area to make it come to fruition.  The stories, healing, acceptance and honor this project gives to our community are countless.

We need co-chairs to oversee the project, a chairperson for the field organization, a chairperson for sales, a chairperson for volunteers, another chair for media relations/publicity, and a chair for the financial aspects of this project.  We also need chairpersons for the computer/tags positions. 

I don’t want to mislead anyone as this takes time and dedication to attend committee meetings and bring ideas to the table for improvements.  The more we have participating in these roles the less of a burden it is on everyone.

2).  I have set a goal of recruiting 20 new members.  I would like to have a social event like the one we had last year at the Country Club where we would encourage every member to bring at least two prospective members.

We have been blessed with many new members who could encourage their peers, friends and, associates to see what our Exchange Club is all about.  I have asked our District President Rolf Gunderson for help in achieving this goal and he is extremely supportive.

3).  I would like to start a collegiate Exchange Club.  Mt. Tech is ripe with students who want to give back to our community and this could help insure sustainability for our Club’s future.

4).  I would like to have at least 4 social events including the membership drive.  We are a FUN Club.  Included at the social events would be new member orientation.  Linda did a fantastic one when we met at the Quarry Brewing Company last year.

5).  I would like to erect a Freedom Shrine at our new airport once it is completed.

6).  I want to continue with the. “It’s My Flag” program and perhaps expand it into our middle schools.  My thought behind this is; the students are quite young as we do it now and if we can show them once again 4 to 6 years later, the impact may well shine throughout their lives.  The UVC is very supportive of this goal.

7).  I would like to have New Member packets available at our meeting room for prospective members; also for current members to take with them in the event they get asked about our Club.

8).  I think after this year’s Fun Raiser, our current format has run its course and we have had a couple of wonderful ideas on how to change to another format for raising funds for Shane’s term.  I would like this to include families, children, games and perhaps a sanctioned BBQ cook-off.  I have very fond memories of the Exchange Club’s summer social event in the 60’s and early 70’s.  It is one of the reasons I joined.

I realize these may be some lofty goals; however,  I am highly confident with the caliber of our membership we can attain the goals I have set forth.

I will require some friendly reminders at times, and  I am a very open and approachable person.  I take constructive criticism well and believe I can learn something new and useful form each of you.  I can’t carry the load by myself so, I thank God, I have such a great group of Officers, a Board that is second to none, as well as members who are willing to serve our community through Butte’s own Exchange Club.

All my best and blessings to each of you for a fun and successful year.  Please feel free to contact me with any concerns, ideas, criticism, suggestions or what have you.

I can be reached at (406) 491-6039.  My email address is: djrotondi44@gmail.com

New Exchange Club President Doug Rotondi (File photo)



7/25/17      State of Psychiatry – John Rogers

8/1/17        Butte Chamber of Commerce – Stephanie Sorini


During our June 6th meeting, the Nominating Committee submitted a list of names for officers and board members for the 2017/2018 Club year. Tom Daniel moved that the slate be accepted. Brad Newman seconded and the motion was approved by unanimous consent. Congratulations and thank-you to all our new officers and board members!

List of new Officers and Board Members

2017-2018 OFFICERS

President:  Doug Rotondi

President Elect:  Marie Kagie-Shuty

Vice President:  Shane Reilly

Immediate Past President: Linda Corr-Mahugh

Secretary:  Brad Cederberg

Treasurer:  Andy Durkin



Pat Cooney

Doug Cameron

John Chioutsis

Chad Boothe

Dale Mahugh

Lyza Schnabel

Noah Thatcher filling unexpired term of Father Tom Haffey


Joann Bracco

Jim Stilwell

Lee Walsh

Julie Brandon

Corey Dennehy

Angie Hasquet

Dusty Rhoads

Officers and Board Members were inducted during our July 18th regular meeting. Lauren Kippen performed the installation ceremony.

Induction of New Officers 2017/2018

The annual highway cleanup project took place on June 14th.  Volunteers met at the Rocker interchange (Flying J side) from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. A very special thank you to Pat Cooney for chairing this event and also to the following Club members who helped with this project: Bruce Graving, Kim Burnett and her son, Barry Kippen and grandson, Elise Lewis, Lee Walsh, John and Kathleen McBride, Jim Stilwell, Ernie Richards, Holly McCamant, Shane Riley and Tom Daniel.

Club members and family helpers picked up 30 bags of trash and other big items.

Highway Cleanup members Lee Walsh, Ernie Richards, Kim Burnett and son.

Monday, June 26, 2017 new Exchange Club President, Doug Rotondi held his required planning meeting at Christina’s Restaurant.

All members were invited to share ideas for programs, club development, new ideas for a Fun Raiser, Field of Honor or other club activities.  Special emphasis for this year will also focus on increasing membership.

The annual Steak Fry was held on June 27th at Father Sheehan Park during our normal meeting time.  A special thank you to Chad Boothe chairman for this event and all those club members and guests who helped.  The day was beautiful and the meal was fantastic.  I also wanted to thank Janet Ralph the “cookie lady” for her wonderful dessert additions to the Steak Fry.

Annual Steak Fry 2017

The Give-a-Kid-a-Flag-to-Wave committee prepared flags for the Fourth of July event on Wednesday, June 28th at the Springs. A very special thank you to Lauren Kippen for providing dinner and the venue to our group for another year.  Also, thank you to the many volunteers who helped role the flags for the 4th of July parade.  Thank you John Chioutsis for chairing this event and for chairing the 4th of July Parade.

Give a Kid a Flag to Wave. The Butte Exchange Club led the 4th of July Parade down Harrison Avenue to a large crowd of folks on a beautiful July day. A group of enthusiastic Exchange Club members, helpers and Excel members gathered to put final touches on our float, lead the parade and hand out flags.

Exchange club has been leading the parade and handing out flags for a number of years as part of our Americanism and Community Service Programs of Service. The crowd along the parade route was so appreciative of our continued efforts to provide flags to all. Thank you so much to those who helped and a special thank you to John Chioutsis who chaired this project.

Members of the Butte Exchange Club, Family and Friends “Give a Kid a Flag” Program 2017

Special thank you to the following  Excel Club members who helped with the Give a Kid a Flag to Wave program: Cati Carmody; Jobi Rosenleaf; Nic Zora; Patrick Schnabel; Leif Clark and Clint Connors.

Excel  Club Members Fourth of July 2017

Friday, July 21st at 5:00 pm, members of the Butte Exchange Club joined  the United Veterans Council in welcoming home our hometown Vietnam war Hero, Captain Holton.  Captain Holton was an F-4 Fantom Commander who was shot down in 1967 while flying a sorte’ along with others from his squadron. He and his WSO (Weapons Intercept Officer) were killed in action as they were unable to eject from their Disabled Aircraft.


Thank you to Club members for the great speaker ideas.  Please, if you have any ideas for speakers at our weekly meetings, Doug Rotondi (djrotondi44@gmail.com).

Welcome new member Sam Rauch!

The Garbage Guys will pick-up every Thursday Interested volunteers should meet at 8:30 AM at Perkins and bring gloves. Call Jim Stilwell (406-490-5741) or Pat Cooney (patrick0049@charter.net) for details.


Update and Reminder

The Communications Committee would like to remind you that we rely on committee chairmen and all club members to send us meeting announcements, stories and photos since we cannot be present at Club events. Please use your cell phones and capture some fun photos to send us.

Please send all details on upcoming events & speakers to: info@butteexchangeclub.org

If you have taken photos at Club events that you want to share, please send them to:info@butteexchangeclub.org (cell phone shots are OK)

Need help?  Call: Elyse Lewis “Public Relations Chairman at  565-0801

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