2017 May Bulletin



6.6.2017               Excel Club Scholarship Winners

6.13.2017             Veterans of Foreign Wars

6.20.2017             George Brimhall – Geologist

6.27.2017             Jenny Heglund – Butte Community Fitness Foundation


The Garbage Guys will resume pick-up every Thursday.  Interested volunteers should meet at 8:30 a.m.  at Perkins and bring gloves. Call Jim Stilwell (406-490-5741) or Pat Cooney (patrick0049@charter.net) for details.

Highway Clean Up and Ballgame,  Wednesday June 14th.   Arrive at Flying J truck stop in Rocker between 3:00 and 5:15 to get your supplies.   We’ll clean up along the Interstate until 6:00. Then burgers and drinks will be served at the new American Legion ballpark .   Butte will be playing Bozeman. Stay tuned for details. 

Annual Steak Fry is planned for July 27th during our regular meeting time. Thanks to Chad Boothe for taking charge of the planning efforts. Stay tuned for more details.

The BEC will be providing flags for the Butte Fourth of July Parade again this year. Volunteers are needed. Please contact John Chioutsis (john.chioutsis@edwardjones.com) if you are interested.

Fourth of July Parade.  July 4th is on a Tuesday this year.  Please meet at 9:00 a.m. at Stokes parking lot along Harrison Ave.  Help us hand out thousands of flags along the parade route.  Drinks provided.


Elyse Lewis provided the article and photos below to the Montana Standard regarding our ACE and Student of the Year Awards for 2017.  Thank you Elyse.

Exchange Club Scholarships – 2017

Connor Ford :  $2,000 + 1,500 = $3,500

Seth Russell:   $4,500 + $1,500 = $6,000

YOY candidates:   $50 x12 = $600

Rosafina Fisk:  $1,000

Joby Rosenleaf:  $1,000

Total:  $12,100 

Local Students receive over $12,000 in Scholarships from Exchange Club

“This spring, as part of a program that has continued for over 20 years, the Butte Exchange Club has awarded $9,100 in scholarships to local high school students.   Also two of these students have received an additional $3,000 in scholarships from the Yellowstone District Exchange Clubs. 

The Youth of the Year Award was presented to Connor Ford, a Senior at Butte Central High School, who received a $2,000 scholarship.   Candidates for this award were the Youth of the Month winners who each received a $50 gift card.  They were Caitlin Carmody, Alyssa Cook, Shane Cox, Joby Marie Rosenleaf, Samuel James Schonsberg, and Sean Staples of Butte High School and Breanna Florio, Abigail McGee, Rachael McGree, Katy Prendergast, and Taylor Wahl of Butte Central High School. 

Connor Ford – Youth of the Year Winner – 2017

 Seth Russell, a Senior at Butte High School received the $1,000 A.C.E. Award Scholarship.    He also received the Rosemary Rawls, Susan Welsch and James Dorr Johnson Memorial Scholarships.  In addition the Montana Tech Foundation has offered all A.C.E. Award Candidates a $500 scholarship to Montana Tech as part of its new initiative to encourage Butte students to attend their local college.   Seth Russell received a total of $4,500 in awards.  A.C.E. stands for Accepting the Challenge of Excellence and is awarded to students who have overcome great challenges to graduate from high school. It recognizes high school students who have faced and overcome daunting circumstances in their lives. Through their efforts they serve as role models, not only for their fellow students, but for all who see what they have accomplished.

Seth Russell A.C.E. Scholarship Winner – 2017

Both Connor Ford, the Butte Exchange Club Youth of the Year, and Seth Russell, the Butte A.C.E. Award Winner, also won their respective Exchange Yellowstone District Scholarships of $1,500 each and are now competing for national awards from the National Exchange Club Foundation which are scholarships of $10,000.

A new scholarship of $1,000, the Frank Rosa Memorial Scholarship, was awarded to Rosafina Fisk.  This scholarship was provided by the Rosa family in honor of Butte native Frank Rosa and was awarded to a deserving Butte student interested in studying education. 

Rosafina Fisk – Winner of the Frank Rosa Memorial Scholarship 2017

 The Butte Exchange Club has also created another new scholarship for members of the recently formed Butte High School Excel Club which is sponsored by the Butte Exchange Club.  This year $1,000 was awarded to Joby Rosenleaf for her leadership and commitment to growing this new service club.  

Joby Rosenleaf – Butte High School Excel Club. Winner of the Exchange Club Scholarship – 2017

The Butte Exchange Club’s mission is to make the community a better place to live through projects that promote Americanism, community service, youth activities and the prevention of child abuse.  More information about the organization may be found at www.butteexchangeclub.org or by calling Linda Corr-Mahugh at 360-631-0947.”

Community Project.  Thursday, June 1st, members of The Butte Exchange Club planted flowers in our garden on Quartz Street.  We would like to thank club members  Elyse Lewis; Tom Daniel; Brad Rixford; Lee Walsh and Jim Stilwell for taking time to plant the flowers.  They look beautiful.  Thank you to all who  helped. (photo by Elyse Lewis)

Tom Daniel; Brad Rixford; Lee Walsh and Jim Stilwell


Thank you to Club members for the great speaker ideas. Please, if you have any ideas for speakers at our weekly meetings, contact Holly McCamant (hollymccamant@yahoo.com) or Doug Rotondi (djrotondi44@gmail.com). 

Exchange Club Members who would like to volunteer at the Folk Festival please see the request below:

“Hello, my name is Keith Seyffarth, and I am an Ambassador Coordinator

for the Montana Folk Festival Coordinating this year’s Bucket Brigade.

Folk Festival Ambassadors are critical representatives of the festival,

the City of Butte, and the State of Montana providing information to

festival goers while at the same time collecting donations and enjoying

the performances of this year’s festival.

We are currently reaching out to local organizations, such as yours, to

let engaged community members know more about being an Ambassador at the

2017 Montana Folk Festival in July. If your organization is interested

in learning more about serving as an ambassador on the Bucket Brigade or

volunteering in any capacity with the Montana folk festival we would

love the opportunity to provide more information to your members via

email, in print or in person at your next meeting. If you are interested

in learning more please let us know in response to this email with

appropriate contact information for your organization and we will be in

touch soon.

We look forward to hearing from you.”

Contact Keith at mtfolkfest@gmail.com


Update and Reminder

The Communications Committee would like to remind you that we rely on committee chairmen and all club members to send us meeting announcements, stories and photos since we cannot be present at Club events. Please use your cell phones and capture some fun photos to send us.

Please send all details on upcoming events & speakers to: info@butteexchangeclub.org

If you have taken photos at Club events that you want to share, please send them to:info@butteexchangeclub.org (cell phone shots are OK)

Need help?  Call:  Elyse Lewis –Public Relations Chairman – 565-0801

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