Welcome to the new format for our monthly Bulletin! Using the capabilities of our new website, we are trying to find more efficient ways to bring you club news in a more timely way. Please read the last article in this Bulletin for more information on using the website.

Also, some communication responsibilities have changed.  Please send notices of past and upcoming events to these four people:  Dan Robles, Brad Cederberg, Penny McElroy and Elyse Lewis.  Please read the last article in this Bulletin for more information.  Please send photos to Penny McElroy and Elyse Lewis.


FunRaiser – Red Carpet Gala

Come as you are or come dressed as a celebrity and attend a Red Carpet Gala – our annual FunRaiser to be held at 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14 at the Butte Country Club, 3400 Elizabeth Warren. The evening will include dinner, live and silent auctions and music provided by the F.O.G. Band. The public is invited and tickets, which are $50 per person, are on sale through Nov. 11. Tickets for Club members are $40.  A full table for 8 is $350. For reservations or for more information contact Lauren Kippen at 490-5026.

Cocktails: Cash bar: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Silent Auction:  6:00 – 8:00 pm
Dinner:  7:00 – 8:00 pm
Live Auction:  8:00 pm
Music:  approx. 9:00 – 11:00 pm

JUST FOR CLUB MEMBERS!  At the Gala, a free one year Club Membership will be given one lucky Club Member.   You must be present at the Gala to win!  For this lucky person Club dues will be paid from January 2015 through December  2015.

This fundraiser helps to generate the funds that the Club uses for community improvement projects and scholarships and donates to a wide range of worthy causes.  If you know of any Butte-Silver Bow nonprofit organizations that are aligned with our Club Mission please encourage them to apply for funds by submitting an application.  Application forms are available at on the Service Areas page of our Club website.

Spirit of Christmas – November 30

Submitted by Joann Bracco:  The Spirit of Christmas shopping trip will be Sunday, November 30 at 8:30 a.m. at Walmart.  Meet in front of the hair salon at the south door.  To participate call Joann Bracco on her cell phone at 490-0625.

For our new members, the “Spirit of Christmas Committee” is a great way to get into the Christmas Sprit. The way this works is…we gather children’s names and “Wish Lists” from local Social Service Organizations such as The 4 C’s, Salvation Army and the Foster Program. We then schedule a shopping trip and attempt to make these children’s Christmas wishes come true. After our shopping trip, we take the gifts to the Marquis Assisted Living Community Center and wrap them. The gifts are then delivered to the various organizations and they give them to the families and children.  We are essentially playing Santa and making sure that these kids have the wonderful Christmas they deserve. This is an extremely rewarding experience for all.

NEW MEMBERS, please consider joining us and for those of you who have helped in the past, THANK YOU!  We have lots of shopping to do because this year our budget will be $2,500 (which includes a generous donation from Jeff Francis); this budget will enable us to purchase for eight names from each agency for a total of 24 kids.


National Day of Service – October 11, 2014

Tom Daniel reported: When you get a good turnout of willing people that know what they are supposed to do you can sure get a lot done.  We had a great turnout of volunteers to help Josh Cox with his Eagle Scout Project at Thompson Park.  We painted over the graffiti in the two tunnels on the Old Milwaukee Road and finished the project in good time.  Thanks to Exchange Club members:

Lorrie Gates and friend Gary Wright
Father Tom Haffey
Cinda Seys
Jim Stilwell
Lynn Sullivan
Brad Newman
Leo and Jack Prigge
John, Jack and Mia Keeley
Tom Daniel
Barry and Lauren Kippen
2014_11 Nat Day Serv  2 (640x427) 2014_11 Nat Day Serv 1 (640x426) 2014_11 Nat Day Serv 3 (640x480)

Think Spring? –  October 16. 2014

Tom Daniel reported:  On October 16th it was a great weeding party consisting of Pat Cooney,  Jim and Suzanne Stilwell, John and Janet Rich, and  Chad Boothe with children Ellie and Brett.  In addition to removal of old flowers and weeds, the Quartz Street flower bed was prepared and bulbs planted for beautiful blooms next spring.  Thanks to all.

This project was organized by the Civic Improvement Committee under the leadership of Tom Daniel.

2014_11 Qtz St flowerbed (640x427)

Excel Club Status– Forming a High School Exchange Club

Submitted by Jim Stilwell:  Butte High and Butte Central schools have been approached by me on behalf of the Butte Exchange Club to discuss forming Excel Exchange Clubs at both schools.  Excel Clubs are independent student versions of the regular Exchange Clubs. Butte Central felt that their students were already fully occupied in volunteer activities and did not have the additional time available for a new program. Butte High agreed to explore the possibility. Currently, we are trying to recruit potential members at Butte High with the help of Senior counselor Eric Mankins and posters created for this project.

2014_11 Excel Poster (503x640)


Watch the Field of Honor Video!

Dan Robles, has recently uploaded a video of the 2014 Field of Honor to the Field of Honor webpage on our club website.  If you have not yet seen the video you will not want to miss it!  The video was prepared for us by Liz Cox at the Montana Movie Factory; a Field of Honor Event Sponsor.

Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes and financial reports may be found on the Member Resources page of the club website.  The password for Member Resources section of the website:  Exchange59701


This Bulletin has been prepared by Elyse Lewis: .  Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.  We are trying to find ways to communicate more efficiently but we also want to be sure you are getting the information you need.  Here is where you can find additional information:

Club Website:
***Member Login for the Member Resource section of the website:  this is provided for you; you do not need to type:  ExchangeMember
***Password for the Member Resource section of the website:  Exchange59701
Speakers List and Upcoming Meetings and Events:  On the Homepage of the website
List of Club Officers and Committee Chairmen:  On the About Us page of the website
Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings:  in the Member Resource section of the website
Club Roster: in the Member Resource section of the website


Please send notices of past and upcoming events to these four people:  Dan Robles , Brad Cederberg ,Penny McElroy and Elyse Lewis .  Here is how the information is used:

Upcoming events:
Brad can get info quickly to everyone in the weekly email.
Dan updates the “Tuesday Programs” and “Upcoming Events” sections on the website. The speakers list comes from Holly and the upcoming events are written by Elyse.
Penny includes upcoming events in the monthly Bulletin.
Elyse issues Press Releases to the local media if needed.
Past events:
Brad may include a short item in the weekly email if requested by the event organizer.
Penny will include photos and more info in the monthly Bulletin.  Send photos to Elyse.
Elyse writes up items for the “Featured Story” for the website Homepage and Dan posts them.
Summary of Responsibilities:
Brad Cederberg: Club Secretary and weekly email
Penny McElroy:  Monthly Bulletin
Dan Robles:  Website Coordinator
Elyse Lewis:  Chairman of Public Relations/Communications Committee and responsible for Media Relations and Press Releases

As Chairperson of the Public Relations/Communications Committee I want to thank Brad, Dan and Penny for taking on some of the communication tasks.  It is great to have new ideas and fresh approaches.  Also I want to thank Linda Corr-Mahugh for helping out last year by doing the weekly emails.  For several years Lynn Sullivan has done a great job sending information to the Montana Standard regarding our Students of the Month.  Also I want to thank our President, Leo Prigge, for supporting and helping to implement these changes.