7-4-22 | Give a Kid a Flag to Wave

Student of the year | ACE Awards Lunch

The Student of the Year/ACE Awards Banquet will be held during our normal meeting time on Tuesday, March 12th in the North Auditorium of the Northwestern Energy Building. Student award recipients and families will be in attendance. 

Shop for Spirit of Christmas : Sunday November 25

Shop for presents for needy kids on Sunday November 25 at 8AM at Walmart. Contact Joann Bracco at 490-0625. Afterwards packages will be wrapped at The Springs Community Hall at 300 Highland Drive. If you have them bring small boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon and tape.

Tuesday October 2 | Field Trip to Heart of Butte Community Cafe

Tuesday, October 2 |Debbie Todd has made arrangements for our lunch this week to be at the Heart of Butte Community Cafe at 116 W. Park Street.

Tuesday, September 11 | Lunch at the Butte Carousel

We’ll gather at the Carousel for a pizza lunch and a whirl on the Carousel. Several Exchange Club members volunteered many hours at the Carousel, come and see the results of their hard work. Members and invited guests.